Saturday, January 29, 2011

To Jostein Gaarder

Its Philosophy

to you

Sophie's World....

you take her

a journey of philosophy


question everything

see inside of everything

of life

but Sophie???

I don't see

the Sophie you show

I see Sophie

everywhere here

struggling with everything

looking inside of everything

to live life.....

The Sophie you see

The Sophie I see

for me

Fantasy and Reality

Commode and Squat

My mother Sophie

plucks tea everyday,

I'm a part of

Sophie's world


I am Sophie's world

My mother


all money

she saved in a year

to buy

Sophie's World

for me


learn philosophy

I read

I question

is this real!!!

all comforts Sophie has!!!

thats the Sophie's World?

in book

In real

I see Sophie Cry

I see Sophie Suffer

Jostein Gaarder.....

why all these lies

I see Sophie's World


I know philosophy

I am Sophie's World

I need money

My mother Sophie spent

for Sophie's World

we are hungry

we need to eat

at least once a day

thats the philosophy......

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